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Aug 25, 2011 1:00am PDT
. jurlists, three being held after five days at the tripoli hotel. cnn's chaunce was one of them. steve jobs will step down. jobs is on his third medical leave of absence. he didn't mention his health problems directly but he said the time has come to resign. >>> portions of the u.s. east coast are likely to be under a hurricane watch in just a few hours. hurricane irene is tearing through the bahamas right now with sustained winds at 160 miles an hour. it could hit the populated, northeast this weekend. those are the top stories. i'm zain veer gee. "world business today" starts now. >> an ipod, a phone. are you getting it? >>> the innovator steve jobs steps down as ceo of apple. we'll look at the company's future under new leadership. hello. i'm andrew stevens in hng kong. >> and i'm nina dos santos in london. you're watching "world business today." -- captions by vitac -- >>> let's start with the markets. they were higher for your the second or third trading day. let's look at where they stand at the moment. we've got the heaviest gains comes. the cac 40 in france up the most
Aug 17, 2011 1:00am PDT
's not keeping his eye on expansion plans. in new york, the brewer steve hindy is pushing through various upgrades to allow him to ramp up production. you guessed it. it's time for "the boss." >>> previously on "the boss," leading from the front, steve hindy hits the streets of brooklyn to find out what is sapping sales. >> hey, steve. >> i don't know evidently i don't think there is a problem. i just think we have to work harder and be more persistent. >> in macaw, proud and joy as francis lui opens his casino resorts. >> definitely is my firstborn child. i love it. >> good morning, good morning everyone. >> reporter: francis lui is breathing a sigh of relief. the casino he's worked on for so long has opened without a hitch. >> it has exceeded everybody's expectation. we had the right product at the right time. >> reporter: francis takes a moment to let his executive team know they've done well. >> i think in general, i think we've aced it. >> reporter: as the vice chairman he doesn't dwrel on the achievements for too long. he knows this the real work is only just beginning. >> this is j
Aug 26, 2011 1:00am PDT
. it did it end up losing ground on wednesday in reaction to the resignation of steve jobs as the company's ceo. you'll remember in the pre-markets, the losses for apple were up on to 7% at one stage, but they did narrow and once trading started, the buyers were there. shares finishing less than 1% lower on on thursday. jobs of course an inspiration to many people including the company's co-founder, steve wozniak. here's what he told piers morgan about his former boss. >> after seef met me and we compared ourselves, what pranks we had pulled and what electronic -- what we'd done in electronics, and i come up with some very strange genius computer design, i didn't even think i'd ever have a job doing it, so after steve met me, never ride to be the designer of the pair. he went more global. he always thought in terms of products. how will they affect people. it's in the how do you connect a few chips together, it's what are they going to do that's useful. it'sing point. and the end user should always be number one. >> he also did think of the end user before wozniak was pretty reluctant to
Aug 15, 2011 4:00am EDT
from cnn london. i'm charles hobson. >>> very good afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm andrew steve ens. welcome to world business today. the top stories this monday, august 15th. >> a sense of optimism returns to the markets for now. the german and french leaders meet on tuesday. what else lies ahead. >> where does the u.s. economy grow and how does it grow from here? two top economists give their take. >> there's a sign of strength in london's luxury property market like houses like this one in high demand. >> the rich are different. well, it is the start of a new week. after a wild ride of the past six trading sessions, investors in europe and asia have stealed themselves and plunged back into the market. most leading into -- the question on everyone's minds is whether we're in for a repeat performance of the enormous volatility we saw last week. it's going to be some things to watch today. one is a key meeting this week between nicolas sarkozy and his counterpart on tuesday. talks will focus on closer financial cooperation among the euro zone countries. pressure is mounting on this
Aug 6, 2011 4:00am EDT
? >> no. he's a sweetheart. >> ignore me. if you see me on the street ignore me. my producer steve is getting out of the car because it might look too suspicious with him sitting in the back seat. >> let me get 12 until later. >> the dealer admits he gets his stash after visiting multiple pill-mill doctors. >> so what did he give you? >> 11 of them. >> what are they? >> oxycodone. >> to put this into perspective, the recommended starting dose for oxycodone is 10 milligramses in 12 hours. bree just bought 30 times that. and that's just enough to get her through one afternoon. today, a multiagency task force busts 22 pill mills, arresting doctors for trafficking in illegal prescriptions. >> it's not uncommon seeing doctors making upwards of $1 million a year. >> but that's nothing compared to what some of the clinic owners make. dea agents seized more than two dozen luxury cars from the garage of one pill mill entrepreneur. >> this individual was making $150,000 a day. >> viper, porsche, a nice blue bentley. i don't know what this is. why does it take so long to bust the clinics? why
Aug 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
on, magnolia is going global, selling franchises internationally. owner steve abrams took over the company in 2007 and expanded the business with seven other company-owned branches in united states and one store in dubai. the dubai magnolia is run under a different type agreement but will soon fall under the franchise umbrella. >> why now do you want to open up the business to franchisees? >> we anti want to bring it throughout the world, we can't geographically and culturally go around the world and make this happen. it's impossible to be in dubai or korea or spain and understand the nuances of each culture. about a thousand franchise requests in the k i have about 20 on going negotiations going on. >> reporter: this man represents a franchisee in qatar, expected to be the first to open in january 2012. he says the bakery is the perfect fit for his region of the world. >> the qatari people and people in the middle east, new york is one of their favorite destinations. they come here quite often. the name magnolia bakery is familiar to everyone. >> reporter: not only do new york
Aug 31, 2011 1:00am PDT
for by their boss, steve hindy. that's next week on "the boss." >>> the american and canadian labor day holidays are coming this weekend, those people pause to rest and pay tribute, some say the days of the labor union in america are numbered. poppy harlow looks at that just ahead. . >>> from cnn london i'm nina dos santos. >> i'm andrew stevens at cnn hong kong. welcome back to "world business today." >>> let's take a look at how the markets are faring in europe, 90 minutes into today's trading session. broadly speaking, more or less all positive. there's a reason for this. it's because the release of the minutes from the latest federal reserve meeting in the united states indicated some of the members there on the rate-setting committee could be favorable towards more financial and fiscal stimulus. that is what has the markets up. as you can see the cac 40 pouring ahead up 1.5%, despite the fact that the largest retailer in france has come out with a loss in his figures. not enough to bring down the cac 40, that market up to the tune of 1.5%. similar gains for the dax in frankfurt. andrew. >>
Aug 5, 2011 4:00am EDT
, says the financial sector has planned to cut 21% more jobs this year than 2011. steve says it all comes down to the bottom line, that's profits. >> corporate america is trying to get itself to grow at high double digit rates but the economy is stuck in slow gear. the only way the corporate sector can grab a bigger share of the pie is if it starts to take away from somebody else, in particular labor. that's what it's doing. >> there are brought spots. google added about 2,000 jobs in the second quarter. union pacific is rehiring positions that it recently got rid of. about 1,500 new positions by the end of the year. health care still generates jobs, but not as much as before. health care employment has grown by about 13,500 in june. but that's the slowest pace since january. thankfully there is still job creation when it comes to small business. a new report by adp says small and medium-sized businesses, businesses with up to about 500 employees, created about 100,000 jobs last month, compare that to larger firms with 500 or more workers which added about 9,000 new jobs. with an employme
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)